Chlamydia testing

August 12th, 2009 by Dr Pilkington

This is a really important topic, particularly for the under 25s. Some of you may be aware that chlamydia is now the commonest sexually-transmitted disease in the country, particularly in the younger age groups. It is a particularly sneaky infection, as most people who have it don’t have any symptoms at all, but can go on to develop lasting damage, possibly even infertility – this is why we offer testing for chlamydia for anyone who is at risk, even those who have no symptoms.

If chlamydia is not treated,  it can go on to cause other problems such as pelvic infections and infertility (in women, but possibly also in men). Testing for the infection is very simple, and treatment is very effective (usually just a single dose of an antibiotic).  In men, we usually test for the infection with a urine sample, and in women we test with a vaginal swab (but you can take the swab yourself at home, so the embarrassment factor is low!)

We would encourage anybody who feels that they may be at risk of chlamydia to make an appointment with any of the doctors or with Angie the Practice Nurse (or phone us to discuss what is involved) – it is really very easy and well worth checking!

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