Patients can now opt in to a system of using email for health advice from clinical staff, booking appointments, or for ordering repeat prescriptions.

Confidentiality of patients health records is at the heart of everything we do – but unfortunately using the internet does raise some issues over security that need to be taken into account.

Any communication between the practice and yourself will be attached to your file as a permanent record – the original email then being deleted. It is a fact of life however that no matter how careful we are with computer systems there is a chance of system compromise through viruses or hacking. We will endeavour to keep our systems as up to date as possible with operating system updates and anti-virus software and would advise that you do the same… with the proviso that no system can be made 100% secure.

Patients interested in this service must come into the practice to read and sign the agreement form (download and print it here if you wish) which outlines these issues and how the system should be used. You will then be given access to all the E-Practice features and will be given your unique login details for online appointment booking.

Bearing these points  in mind – if you would like to use the internet to help your access to local health services please use the links above.


Covid pandemic:  We are offering video call consultations as part of our coronavirus response.

If you are interested in this please phone the practice as normal and a time will be arranged. 

When your appointment is due –  click on the following link to go to the NHS ‘NEAR ME’ video chat service.  Click on the button that says ‘GP surgery’

  • https://www.wihb.scot.nhs.uk/wi-near-me”>Video consultation
  • If you have been supplied with a pulse oximeter by the practice to monitor oxygen levels then please watch the following video for tips around how to use it.


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