Clinical advice

Doctor G Wheeler.

Doctor B Pilkington.

Doctor D Gardner.

Clinical Advice procedure

This service will be offered on a trial basis, and only to patients who have signed the appropriate consent form in practice.

It would not be appropriate for complex issues or in-depth discussions about different conditions.  It may be appropriate for simple queries that you do not think will take much time to answer, or for advice on where to go for further information on a particular topic.  Do not be surprised if you simply get a response saying “please phone the practice.” This just means that the person responding to your query feels they need a bit more information to best serve your needs.

Make sure that your email account is safe and secure from other people before using it to contact the practice, and consider deleting emails from your sent folder on a regular basis.

Any correspondence will be filed with the rest of your notes and the email deleted from our system as soon as possible after that.

Please do not use this service for any clinical matter which needs a quick response – there may well be delays in getting back to you, the responsibility is yours in making sure that any potentially serious query is brought to the practices attention by telephone or in person. if you have not received a reply within 48 hours of posting it may be worth phoning the practice to chase your query up.


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