The following are some links to web pages that may be of some interest.



Well written information on a range of conditions.

Travel related advice for patients.

Main NHS site – acts as a hub for NHS resources.

NHS 24 – your first port of call if you get unwell when your GP surgery is closed.  It also has a ‘symptom checker’ algorithm for you to work through for information – though I’m not totally convinced by its advice on some subjects!  Does have good up to date recommendations for swine flu however.

Guide to different medicines aimed at the public.  Good archive of drug information leaflets.

Western Isles healthboard site.

The CAB give excellent advice on how to deal with legal and financial matters that could be impacting on your life.

The Macmillan Cancer charity do amazing work. Read about what they do and how you can help.

Fantastic resource for dispelling the myths that lie all around us.  Buy Ben Goldacres book, and then read his blog… but tread carefully if you are into Nutritional mumbo jumbo or homeopathic sugar pill remedies… it might upset your equilibrium!

Excellent site that helps demystify the difficult subject of real world statistics.  Well worth a look in general, but this page in particular gives an excellent overview of the figures behind screening tests. It uses breast screening as an illustration, but the issues are the same for all clinical tests.



Well designed site with info on local businesses, news and events.

Tourist information relating to the islands.

Local newspaper with regularly updated online content.

The local substance misuse team.



WordPress is an excellent publishing tool for web sites and blogs.  Steep learning curve – but worth it!

Faster, more fully featured and safer from viruses; Chrome is a much better web browser than Internet explorer – download it today!

Do you use Microsoft windows? Make sure your computer is up to date to help prevent viruses/hackers and trojans from affecting your computer and your online life.

You also need anti-virus software on your computer. Consider buying a fully featured product (I like Kaspersky.) But if you don’t want to spend any money this is a reasonable free alternative.


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